iPhone 6s Plus SQ Plus Aftermarket High Chroma LCD

$ 21.20

What's Included?

iPhone 6s Plus Aftermarket Screen Assembly

  • Comes with Lifetime Warranty Covering Manufacturer Defects
  • High Chroma Backlight (3M ESR) w/ Nichia LED's
  • Bezel Gasket Included
  • Nitto OEM Polarizer
  • 3M 175μm OCA Sheet
  • Circular Polarizer (Mitsubishi)
  • Copy 3D touch latest generation algorithm 
  • Touch Response Time (all models) - 50 μs
  • Ultra High Copy glass tempered to OEM specs
  • Thermal plate pre-installed
  • Pre-Installed Earpiece Mesh
  • Pre-Installed Rubber Mic Holder
  • Pre-Installed Camera Catch
  • Pre-Installed Proximity Sensor Catch 
  • Pre-Installed ALS Filter
  • Pre-Installed Proximity Gasket

Every single is tested prior to be shipped from factory.  Every screen is 100% serialized for tracking from factory to you